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Where Entrepreneural Authors Come to Succeed

Lincoln Square Books is the brain child of two long-time publishing professionals with a combined experience of close to 60 years in the book business: Stephanie Gunning, a freelance editor and publishing consultant, and Peter Rubie, a literary agent. We joined forces to serve independent authors because, among other things, it's fun. We love books and writers—and we'd love to be your guides.

At Lincoln Square Books, our service model is based on the author as publisher. We work with experts, speakers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, memoirists, and novelists, among others. Our role is to make it easy for our clients to succeed by helping them plan strategically for the launch of their books just like a traditional publisher would, and by providing them with high-grade professional services at every step in the process.

We know you want to sell books, and also to do more than just sell a product. You want to enhance your reputation, attract your ideal clients, and improve lives. We believe books matter because ideas can change the world—and we look forward to helping you realize your world-changing vision, in your way, in your voice.

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