5 Reasons Why a Mainstream Publisher May Disappoint You


There are a lot of reasons to independently publish your book,
rather than go through a mainstream publisher, and here are
five of them.


    1. While it may be flattering to have someone pronounce that you are a publishable author, the reality is that in addition to all the research and writing you do to produce the book, you are also expected to do the lion’s share of the promotion and publicity and marketing.  It’s hit or miss whether or not your acquiring editor is still in her job nine months after the book has been acquired, and if she (or he) is, how much time the editor can spend on editing the manuscript into the best possible shape and fighting with colleagues to get you the best and most immediate resources and attention for your book with all the other books she is doing. There’s always something else in the nest, some book or sibling author, like some fledgling baby cuckoo, elbowing your project out of the way in favor of his own.


    1. Where you lead the publisher is likely to follow, though there are plenty of anecdotes of authors providing leads for publishers that are dropped, ignored, or otherwise not followed through on, to the author’s detriment more than the publisher’s.


    1. If you are writing a nonfiction book in the inspirational, health, or business fields in particular, it is common for a publisher to ask an author how many copies of his book he is going to buy, and they’re not talking in the tens but in the thousands. These days, there’s just no reason why an author should shoulder this burden when authors can do exactly the same work for themselves that the mainstream publisher expect them to do, and keep all the profits for themselves.


    1. While a publisher can often get a book into the hands of bricks and mortar vendors, the honest truth is that, finding your audience these days, whether you’re mainstream or self-published, rests much more on connecting to your audience via the Web. Besides some cursory publicity and promotion (publishing house PR and marketing professionals work in a constant state of overworked triage in terms of which of their books deserves most of their time and money),  the odds are great your book is not at the top of their list. So your book is left to sink or swim by its own devices—unless you step in to save the day, if they’ll allow you to. Which is exactly what you’d be doing, but with much more control and determination, if left to your own devices with the help of professionals knowledgeable about various aspects of the industry like sales and marketing.


  1. While a mainstream publisher is likely going to produce a quality version of your book for you, publishers are keeping a substantial part of the profits in order to make back their investment in the book. You don’t need to give them this money stream as it’s easy these days to  build your own publishing enterprise (editorial, PR, marketing, and so on) with the help of consultants and packagers.

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