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Lincoln Square Books provides top quality supported self-publishing services for entrepreneurial authors and businesses wanting to promote their own brands. Our model is the author as publisher. You retain rights and you keep the income—and control. Whether your dream is to see your book or your book series published in print, ebook, or audio book form, Lincoln Square Books is ready, able, and committed to helping you realize your vision. We offer editing, consulting, design, and project management to make your publishing plans a success. Request a complimentary publishing consultation by phone or Skype.


peter-rubiePeter Rubie

Peter is a British expatriate who came to the United States by way of a cruise ship where he worked as a musician in the show band. A former BBC Radio reporter —and occasional on-air talent—and Fleet Street print journalist, he subsequently worked as an acquisitions editor for Walker & Company for nearly six years before becoming a literary agent after his boss mysteriously drowned while kayaking across Long Island Sound. He established his own agency seven years later.

Ironically, Peter got involved in publishing by accident. He was intent on becoming a published novelist and decided the best way to figure out if he was any good or not was to read what others were submitting to New York editors. So in 1984 he found work reading manuscripts (“Hey, I’m getting paid to read fiction, how cool a job is this?” he would tell friends). He realized he wasn’t so far short of the mark after all and his first novel (co-authored) came out in 1989. The evaluation work led to freelance editing assignments for various publishing houses like Simon & Schuster and Random House, and eventually an offer to become an in-house editor.

What most people don’t know about Peter is that he loves to cook, and has two wives: the mother of his son, and his guitar. Peter continues to be a semi-professional musician on the New York City jazz scene, and has always felt that learning music and how to improvise has informed not only how he writes, but how he cooks. For a year, when he first arrived in New York, he was a sous chef in a macrobiotic Japanese restaurant—arguably the hardest, if not hottest job (especially in August) he’s ever had. And once in a while he still can’t resist the urge to sit down and write instead of working on other people’s material, much as he loves helping others publish their books. . .

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