More Colleges and Universities Select Barnes & Noble to Run Their Campus Bookstores


Barnes & Noble College issued a press release this morning after having come to terms with 5 new U.S. colleges and universities to run their brick & mortar and virtual bookstores. That brings the total to 34 schools serving approximately 200,000 students.

Thinking back to the end of summer between age 18 and 21, I can remember how it felt arriving on Amherst College campus to register and pick up syllabi for the classes I’d chosen. I’d head over to the basement of Hastings where books would be stacked in piles organized ahead of time for us. Laden down with my burden of pounds of volumes, I’d cross back through the town commons to campus and my dorm room to unburden myself.

To this day I honestly don’t know how I got all that reading done, but I do remember being diligent about it, reading as many as 500 pages in different books every day. Wish someone had taught me excellent study habits! it took me years to come up with an efficient strategy.

What does B&N College mean for self-published authors? It means bookstores are still available. It means students are reading in print.

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