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leadnowTINYJohn Parker Stewart
Lead NOW!: A Personal Leadership Coaching Guide for Results-Driven Leaders, Revised Second Edition
(Stewart Leadership, 2017)
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gemsTINYJohn Parker Stewart
52 Leadership Gems: Practical and Quick Insights for Leading Others, Revised Second Edition
(Stewart Leadership, 2016)
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lessonsTINYJohn Parker Stewart
52 Leadership Lessons: Timeless Stories for the Modern Leader, Revised Second Edition
(Stewart Leadership, 2016)
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Kindle_Cover_TINY-WEB-121x187Jennifer Knollenberg
Sweet Synergy: The Tasty Art of Living Sugar Free
(Jennifer Knollenberg Lifestyle & Design, 2016)
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5_things_final-144x213Shelly Marshall,RN, and Lionel Nazario
5 Things You Can Do NOW
(Lionheart Press, 2016)
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married50yearscover125x132Phyllis Bergman, President of Mercury Rings Corporation
Married 50 Years and Still Dating (Phyllis Bergman Books)
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OfMiceAndWomen144x187Kathleen T. Ruddy, M.D.,
Of Mice and Women
(Breast Health and Healing Foundation, 2015)
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UNDETERRED_MINI-CoverRania Habiby Anderson,
(The Way Women Work Press, 2015)
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Magidsbookcover121x182Debbie Magids,Ph.D., and Nancy Peske
All the Good Ones Aren’t Taken
(Cleo Publishing, 2015)
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Ignite Your Joy
(Unlock Your Best Life Publications, 2014)
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Essentially_Happy_COVER-MINI-SIZERebecca Linder Hintze, M.Sc.,
Essentially Happy
(Visium Group, 2014)
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BeYouthful_coverFRONTShino Bay Aguilera, D.O.,
Be Youthful
(Shino Bay Books, 2014)
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LEGACY_COVERRichard J. Orlando,
Legacy: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions
(Legacy Capitals Press, 2014)
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REGENERATIVE-HEALING-FOR-LIFE-COVERBrian J. Shiple, D.O., and Marlise Wind, M.S.,
Regenerative Healing for Life: A New Paradigm to Treat Injuries and Pain Without Surgery
(JocDoc Press, 2013)
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EDISCOVERY-COVERMasahiro Morimoto,
eDiscovery—Japan: A Pathway for U.S. Attorneys to Do Business with Asian Corporations
(Global Try/UBIC, Inc., 2014)
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Hour of the Wolf: An Experiment in Ageless Living
(Mulberry Harbor Press, 2013)
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