Masahiro Morimoto

Masahiro Morimoto, eDiscovery—Japan: A Pathway for U.S. Attorneys to Do Business with Asian Corporations
(Global Try/UBIC, Inc., 2014)


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For American lawyers and law firms looking to build business with Asian corporations.

East Asia is home to a growing number of global companies that do a great deal of business in the United States. As a result, East Asia is also one of the fastest growing markets for American litigation services. Yet, Asian companies are often inexperienced in understanding and navigating the U.S. legal system.

In eDiscovery—Japan, Masahiro Morimoto, a provider of IT legal services to Asian companies and American law firms over the past 10 years, offers insights into Japan’s intricate and sophisticated business culture to help American lawyers be better understood and trusted by their Asian clients and participate successfully in Japan’s corporate order.


“Masahiro Morimoto’s eDiscovery—Japan is a must-read for American lawyers seeking to better understand their Japanese clients and the challenges and opportunities in Asian-language eDiscovery. The author gives us the benefit of more than ten years of experience in Japanese eDiscovery, as well as his insights on the business and cultural obstacles that need to be navigated for a cost-effective, accurate, thorough, efficient, and ultimately more comfortable and successful eDiscovery project.”- Michael S. Turner, Partner, DLA Piper LLP (United States), Boston, MA.


Masahiro Morimoto is President and CEO of UBIC, Inc., and Chairman and CEO of UBIC North America, Inc., and one of the few Japanese entrepreneurs whose companies have achieved dual listing on stock exchanges in both Japan and the United States. UBIC, Inc., was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index in 2007 and the U.S. NASDAQ Stock Market in 2013.

Founded in 2003, UBIC provides high-technology solutions that assist clients in handling cross-border litigation. It is the only company listed in the business segment of litigation assisting services. The company successfully launched the world’s first eDiscovery assistance tools supporting the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, which is accomplished by incorporating predictive coding technology developed based on research in the field of artificial intelligence. These eDiscovery assisting tools are being used in the most high-profile cross-border litigations in the world.

Morimoto graduated from the National Defense Academy of Japan and served on an escort ship of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. He is a certified fraud examiner, a board member of the Institute of Digital Forensics, and a member of the Association for the Study of Security Science. He has published several books on discovery procedures and forensics, and has contributed articles on law enforcement and corporate risk management to different publications.

Masahiro Morimoto was born in Osaka and currently resides in Tokyo.