Debbie Zita

Debbie Zita, Ignite Your Joy: How to Invite More Love, Purpose & Profit into Your Life
(Unlock Your Best Life Publications, 2014)




In Ignite Your Joy, Debbie Zita, life stylist and success coach for spiritually minded entrepreneurs, will be your guide to inviting more love, purpose, and profit into your life.

Let Debbie show you how to lead a happy life in which career, leisure, and family are in perfect harmony. Equally enlightening and instructive, Debbie’s clear, anecdotal prose is packed with powerful exercises and affirmations to help you achieve authentic joy in your life and career. She offers invaluable methods for letting go of fear, accepting love, and finding a purpose that thrills and fulfills you.

Do you want to realize your innate strength and greatness? Would you like to lead a life of true abundance, profitability, and bliss? Then this book is for you. Whether you’re just starting out or need a reboot or redirect, find out why building your career on passion is the secret to discovering—and living—your highest calling and soul purpose.

Your journey to joy, love, connection, ascension, evolution, and knowledge does one thing only: It brings you home.
Welcome home.


“If ever there was a book that made you jump out of bed in the morning with joy for all the world has to offer, this is it. Debbie Zita takes you on a personal and practical journey of how learning how to find joy in every moment of our lives. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one; and most importantly, it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. This book will help you find your purpose and to fill your heart with passion so you may experience true, blissful feelings of joy. I enjoyed devouring every delectable, delightful, uplifting page.”

Genine Howard, editor, Australian Content Magazine

“Debbie Zita stands out from the crowd. She speaks up with courage for what she knows and believes in. Her book is a deep exploration, utilising her life experience as a medium, mother, and fellow traveller to reveal the depth of what real joy is and practical steps on how to ignite it. This is a powerful book for anyone who truly wants to know who they are and to live their full potential. Debbie is a world teacher of global consciousness and her message is recommended reading for those who truly wish to ignite their joy. As you change, your world will change.”

Susan Carew, world peace clown, Founder of WorldPeacefull

“There are people who just say things to sound authentic and then there are those rare ones whose way of life is a complete expression of their authenticity, which is life changing for those who come in contact with them. Debbie Zita is one such being and this book is a powerful, deeply lived expression of what an authentic woman’s way of being truly is. A must-read for every woman seeking her authentic voice.”

Mihir Thaker, executive and business coach

“In the true Aussie spirit, Debbie means it when she says she will Ignite Your Joy. This book is a no-holds-barred, kick-you-in-the pants-to-get-you-moving guide to finding what truly brings you joy in your life and becoming a better person in the process. Lots of great exercises and practical advice!”

Daniel Parmeggiani, author of The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence

“Debbie Zita has certainly ignited my joy. Her new book is filled with practical and engaging advice to kickstart your pathway back to what inspires and awakens the path to oneself. Read her book and repeat. You’ll find your joy awakened here and a fire sparked throughout these carefully crafted pages.”

Lawrence Ellyard, CEO and Founder of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

“From the moment I began reading Ignite Your Joy, I did not want to do anything except keep reading! It’s fabulous, I love it. The book is filled with wonderful practical tools and exercises to help you become more joyful, more connected, more calm. These are beautifully woven with Debbie’s own personal story of love, loss, and courage. Thank you, Debbie, for writing such a beautiful, practical, and inspirational book.”

Lisa Cutler, executive women’s coach


Debbie Zita is a highly sought-after mentor for women. Her mission in life is to empower one million women to be authentically sexy and successful. Meaning that they feel sexy and confident in their own bodies, have clarity of purpose, and are capable of lovingly creating the financial freedom they deserve.

Debbie has a professional background in the fields of psychology, social work, corporate training, and image consultancy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioural science psychology from La Trobe University in Melbourne, a bachelor’s degree in social work from Monash University in Melbourne, certificate level 4 in training and assessment from Corporate Training Australia, and a certificate in professional styling from Australian College of Professional Styling. She is also a Doreen Virtue certified angel intuitive® and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Debbie was raised in Melbourne, Australia, in the 1980s in a loving, middle class Jewish family. At university she earned a degree in psychology and social work, but never felt as if she fitted in. From a young age, Debbie could connect with spirits and intuitively knew what people were feeling. She hid this side of her experience until her mother’s death. Her loss left such a deep void in her life that when she began asking herself why she realized that her purpose in life was to help others bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual world. Since then, Debbie has been busy changing lives on and off stage at various women’s business and spiritual events.

Debbie resides in Melbourne with her son and husband.