Rania Habiby Anderson

Rania Habiby Anderson, Undeterred: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies
(The Way Women Work Press, 2015)


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Rania Habiby Anderson—career coach, angel investor, and one of the world’s foremost experts on businesswomen in developing nations and growth economies—shares the professional habits and mindsets of women succeeding on their own terms in corporations and as entrepreneurs.

Women in emerging economies have unprecedented opportunities available to them today. With new markets opening up around the world and businesses expanding their infrastructures, the demand for skilled, well-educated professionals has far outpaced the supply. Thus, women who wish to advance in corporate careers or to own and operate their own businesses in developing nations have more options than ever before. As traditional female roles are giving way to new roles, they sometimes confront obstacles and resistance. The women who succeed persevere by inventing solutions and workarounds that make sense within the contexts of their cultures.

Compiled from the results of an in-depth study and interviews conducted over a span of four years with more than 250 professional women at different stages in their lives and careers, Rania has identified six habits shared by successful women, which she shares in Undeterred.


“A road map filled with practical lessons learned from successful women in growth economies. A must-read for every woman.”

K. Shelly Porges, former Senior Advisor, Global Entrepreneurship Program, U.S. Department of StatePublication

“This book will inspire your to go out there and make a difference without allowing others to put you down or prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. I wish I had read this book many years ago.”

Monica Singer, CEO of Strate, South AfricaPublication

“This book will open your mind and heart… Read it, reflect upon it, and implement its outstanding advice.”

Mauro F. Guillen, Director, the Lauder Institute and the Wharton SchoolPublication

Undeterred has amazing stories of inspiration and holds an action plan for your success.”

Christopher M. Schroeder, entrepreneur, investor, and author of Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle EastgPublication

“Finally a book that looks at how women in Africa, Asia, Russia, Latin America, and the Middle East are succeeding at work!”

Muna AbuSulayaman, philanthropist and media personality, Saudi ArabiaPublication

Undeterred is a timely book. There are no insurmountable obstacles preventing women in Latin America from starting their own businesses.”

Susana Garcia-Robles, Principal Investment Officer, Multilateral Investment FundPublication


Rania Habiby Anderson founder of The Way Women Work, is a leading expert on the professional advancement of businesswomen in developing and emerging economies and an executive coach

Originally from the Middle East, Rania has lived and traveled all over the developing world. Her early career success was at Bank of America, where she progressed to a senior leadership role. She left the bank in 1997 to start an executive coaching and consulting business. For the past seventeen years, Rania has coached businesswomen and businessmen around the world.

Fueled by a deep belief that women are the key to global economic prosperity and a lifelong desire to eradicate gender inequality and help women thrive, in 2010, Rania founded The Way Women Work, an online career advice platform visited daily by hundreds of women from around the world.

Rania is a global speaker, cofounder of a women’s angel investor network, a devoted mentor, and a frequent contributor to business publications. She holds a master’s degree in Foreign Service with an honors concentration in international business from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree with a major in business from Oklahoma State University.