Rebecca Linder Hintze

Rebecca Linder Hintze, M.Sc., Essentially Happy: 3 Simple Answers from Mother Nature for Overcoming Depression
(Visium Group, 2014)

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You deserve to be happy. If you or someone you love struggles with depression or anxiety, then ESSENTIALLY HAPPY could change your life for the better — forever.

Did you know 350 million people suffer from depression? It is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. But it doesn’t have to be… There’s hope! Science reveals that natural remedies are often as effective as prescription drugs for overcoming depression.

Mother Nature has solutions. How can you elevate your mood and be happy? The answer isn’t to jump straight into popping an antidepressant, a sleep aid, or a tranquillizer. In fact, the answer isn’t one answer… but THREE answers.

Answer #1 Happy Nutrition: Feed your brain & heal your body deep down at the cellular level.
Answer #2 Happy Lifestyle: Get fit & reduce stress.
Answer #3 Happy Relationships: Love yourself & others.



Rebecca Linder Hintze, M.Sc., is a family issues expert and bestselling author of Healing Your Family History (Hay House, 2006), which has been translated in eight languages, and Living Healthy and Happily Ever After with Dr. Susan Lawton (Living HEA, 2012). Rebecca specializes in helping individuals break free of destructive family patterns. To this purpose, she has worked for nearly two decades, completing thousands of private sessions. As a speaker, Rebecca lectures on healing family patterns, overcoming destructive behavior, resolving family conflict, and treating health care issues naturally using essential oils and supplementation. A former broadcast journalist, Rebecca makes frequent appearances on television and radio. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a master’s of science degree from the University of East London, School of Psychology. Rebecca has been married for more than twenty-five years to Shane Hintze, and together they have four grown children and one grandson. She resides in Northern Virginia.