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Premium Publishing Package

At Lincoln Square Books, our service model is based on the author as publisher. We make it easy for entrepreneurial authors to succeed by helping them think and plan for the launch of their books like a traditional publisher would, and by providing high-grade professional services at every step in the process. Our Premium Publishing Package includes editing/proofreading, interior design, cover design, ebook formatting and conversion, distribution setup, ongoing planning and consulting, and instruction on best practices—with an option to add on a Book Launch Marketing Campaign. Custom-made publishing that suits your goals.

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Publishing Consultations

One of the secrets of highly successful people is that they ask for help as soon as they need it. Don’t let anything stop you. We offer single consultations and multiple-session consulting packages. From helping you hone in on your book’s core concept or evaluating the status of your manuscript, to counseling you on your distribution methods or marketing plans, we would love to advise you or your team so that you can gain clarity and achieve your specific publishing goals and objectives in an easy, fast, and fun way.

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Editing & Proofreading

Every manuscript benefits from having a fresh pair of eyes put on it—especially if those eyes are the eyes of a well-trained professional copyeditor or proofreader. Depending on the progress you’ve made in writing your book, you may need a relatively light line edit or a heavier structural edit. We have editors on our team who specialize in all different types of material. Or perhaps your book is already typeset and simply requires careful proofreading. We can do that for you, too!

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Ebook Formatting & Conversion

Technology has liberated authors to publish quickly and effectively for low cost and with global reach. That’s part of the fun and excitement of the new publishing paradigm. When you’re ready to make your book available in digital formats appropriate for one or more devices, we can help. We’ll gladly set up your manuscript so that the conversion process runs smoothly, convert your book into files ready to upload to your chosen distribution systems (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBookstore, and more), help you prepare high-quality metadata, and even project manage the whole shebang for you if you’d like.

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Audiobook Creation and
Project Management

We live in an era of consumer freedom. Book buyers can choose print, digital, or audio as their preferred method of reading books these days. Audio is incredibly popular. People are out there, waiting in airports and train stations, working out at their gyms, or cleaning their houses, ready and eager to be educated and entertained by a recording of your voice or the voice of a pro. We can bring you together with studios and producers, vocal talent, and sound editors, and help you distribute your audiobook in different sales systems.

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Book Launch
Marketing Campaign

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Spanish Language Editions

Are you someone with strong ties in the Spanish-speaking community in the United States or another country? Whether due to subject matter, your personal background or ethnic heritage, or the constituency that your business serves, do you believe there is a audience of book buyers who would be eager to read a Spanish language edition of your book? We can help you get the text of your book professionally translated and copyedited, as well as package the physical book for you. The steps are the same as they are for English editions of our clients’ books.

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