Audiobook Creation and Project Management

Do you travel a lot? How about the people who will read your book? How do you plan to reach all the busy people who need to hear what you have to say, but just don’t seem to have time to sit down and actually read. There they are, waiting in an airport or a train or bus terminal, working out a gym, or cleaning their houses, ready and eager to be educated and entertained.

The answer is so easy: audiobooks.

While it’s true that ebooks make taking a book on a journey much easier—and lighter. But did you know that, by far, the greatest reason people suffer from fatigue at certain times of the day is eye strain? We stare at screens all day long, every day, in our jobs and at home on computers, TVs, and smartphones. Maybe we take some time out in the morning to skim a printed magazine or newspaper—old school. But we’re still doing reading or watching of some sort or other.

“Enough already,” as we say in New York. “Just let me take a nap, maybe kick back with some tunes . . . close my eyes for a moment.”

To just sit back, close your eyes, and still be able to “read” a book you’ve been eager to dive into is a treasured experience. If you’ve listened to audiobooks before, you know that the fun of being read to comes flooding back, just like it did for many of us when we were kids. If you’ve never been read to or heard an audio book, the first time, with the right book, can be magical. Wouldn’t you like your readers to have that experience with your novel, memoir, or motivational book?

We recommend that our clients consider producing their books as audios. Whether it is Jim Dale reading Harry Potter, Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within, or YOUR book, professionally crafted as a downloadable MP3 or Wave file, audio books are more popular than ever.

We can connect you to quality audio production facilities and vocal talent. We have relationships with narrators who are the cream of the crop in the world of acting and voice. We can also help you if you prefer to record your book yourself. We make turning books into high-quality audios painless and we remove the mystery of putting them up for sale.

Request a consultation with former BBC Radio journalist Peter Rubie and check out how easy it really can be to create a professional-quality audio product.

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