Editing & Proofreading

Every manuscript benefits from having a fresh pair of eyes put on it—especially if those eyes are the eyes of a well-trained professional copy editor or proofreader at Lincoln Square Books. Your reputation is on the line when you release a book into the world, which is why we’re here: to make you look good! The editors on our team specialize in all different types of content including books in the categories of self-help and spirituality, personal finance and business, health and fitness, memoirs and novels, books for young people, and more. Ask us!

With rare exception, authors need editing to prepare their manuscripts for typesetting. As an independent author, hiring the services of a copy editor is one of the most important ways to ensure that you produce a high-quality product. The status of the material determines the amount of intervention we recommend for any given manuscript. Some authors require only minimal support. Others need intense structural guidance—or even cowriting.

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If your manuscript or page proof simply requires careful proofreading, not editing, we can do that for you, too! Read on to learn more about our editing and proofreading services . . .

How We Do Our Editorial Work

Depending on the progress you’ve made in writing your book to date, you may need a relatively light line edit or a heavier structural edit. The first step in hiring us for editing is to get on the phone with us for a short conversation. If your goals are compatible with our services, we’ll ask you to send us a sample of your manuscript so we can assess our fee for the project. Pricing is dependent on a number of factors, including word count, deadline, grammar, and spelling.

At Lincoln Square Books, our copy editors prefer to work on plain manuscript (pre-design) in Word software for either PC or Mac. We use the track changes and comments instruments of this software. Before we start the project, we’ll ensure that you and your copy editor can effectively communicate through compatible document formats.

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Light Copy Editing

When a manuscript is in exceptionally good shape, we will recommend a light copy edit in which grammar and spelling is evaluated line by line. Suggestions for how to increase clarity may be made. Fact checking will be done. We’ll also alert you to sections of manuscript where it is necessary to clear legal permission to reproduce text, such as song lyrics and poetry, or to get a signed release form. We also will review the completeness of your copyright page and back matter (author biography, resources, notes, bibliography, and so on).

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Heavy Copy Editing/Developmental Content Editing

Developmental editing or heavy copy editing involves suggestions for restructuring where it’s appropriate along with line editing for grammar and clarity. As with light copy editing, we fact check the manuscript and review its sections for completeness. We also may make suggestions for expansion or deletion to tighten up the text. Developmental editing is where our long history in the publishing industry makes us stand out as masters.

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Heavy-Plus Copy Editing/Cowriting

In some cases, authors really need a partner to help them complete a manuscript for the book they envision. There’s no shame in it. With these types of projects, we assign an appropriate team member who can elicit necessary material in a variety of ways from recordings and transcripts to holding interviews with the expert author.

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Proofreading is the last step before sending your book to the printer. We recommend having someone with a trained eye read your typeset page proofs simultaneously with you to look out for design accidents like dropped words or widows and orphans, find typos that were missed in manuscript review, and to confirm that the most recent corrections given to the typesetter were correctly made.

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Manuscript Status Evaluation

Are you in the middle of writing a draft of your manuscript? Have you finished a draft? We are here to offer you professional feedback whenever you’re ready. Not a substitute for line editing, this type of evaluation is designed to help you understand your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, and also to determine what sort of further assistance is necessary.

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