Premium Publishing Package

Our Premium Publishing Package represents the heart and soul of what Lincoln Square Books was created to do: We help experts from other fields and businesses succeed in publishing.

iStock_000019971266SmallAs you probably know, a few years ago, the publishing industry was disrupted in ways that favor those who would self-publish—especially if they are already established in a field or business, and if they’re willing to invest in the success of their book projects. We have seen the advent of digital technology, the rise of the Internet, increasing globalism, corporate conglomeration, extraordinary talent becoming available, the closing of brick and mortar bookstores, and the redefinition of what it means to be an author, as an entrepreneur.

We think these changes are fascinating. Although we loved the world that was, we embrace the world that is becoming, because of how it empowers our authors and has the potential to put greater profits in their pockets than before. The people we work with are leaders and contributors. Each is a change-maker in his or her own way. Their strong commitment to excellence is a value that we share. We want you to have a mainstream publishing experience while maintaining your independence.

Book_02legacy YESAt LSB, our service model is based on the author as publisher. We aim to make it easy for entrepreneurial authors to succeed by helping them think and plan like traditional publishers do, and by providing high-grade professional services at every step of the publishing process. The book reinforces their brand.

When you hire us, one of the very first things we do with you as a Premium Publishing Package client is to set up a one-day intensive meeting with our team of expert consultants in which we do deep listening to understand your goals, opportunities, and resources.

Then we hash out a plan with a timetable of milestones, and brainstorm with you about how you can set up a system for long-term success. Everything that happens is under your control. Our role is to facilitate the publishing process so that you can be the remarkable you.

iStock_000009312029MediumAdvantages of self-publishing include: speed to market, full creative control, higher earnings than traditional publishing once revenue begins to be generated, and closer connection to the operational process.

Where many self-publishing ventures break down is that key processes are absent. There is insufficient strategic planning at the beginning (holding the end in mind), a lack of oversight of parallel processes (what needs to happen and when for things to run smoothly on every track), and too many choices (confusion).

At LSB, we project manage (coordinating personnel and systems, and identifying appropriate resources for the client), consult (helping navigate the options in a way that is customized), and deliver hands-on, high-quality services.

Book_3regen4life YESWe assist author/publishers in producing their books in every format they want to sell: hardcover, paperback, digital, and even—if appropriate—audio (though we would not pay for studio time or audio editing, we would project manage). We have the capacity to project manage translation editions. While we’re doing project “busy work,” our clients are freed to embody their role, which is being the face of their businesses, promoting, selling, on a mission.

Premium Publishing Package clients also have the exclusive option to add on a Book Launch Marketing Campaign for an additional fee. No one else we work with is currently offered this possibility.

Ours is a custom-made—or as Peter, who is British, likes to say, bespoke—publishing service. If that is of interest to you, we would love to speak with you.

We are very proud of the authors we’ve helped establish themselves. Please visit Our Clients page to learn about the remarkable professionals we serve.


Peter has written, edited in-house, agented, produced interactive information products.

We are constantly learning and looking for new avenues that will be useful to our clients, keeping an eye on the horizon. As LSB project managers, we also open our rolodexes to our clients to help them build great support teams for the specific strategies that they decide to execute.