Shelly Marshall, R.N., and Lionel R. Nazario

Shelly Marshall, RN, and Lionel R. Nazario, 5 Things You Can Do NOW: To Improve Your Health, Beat Stress & Boost Your Energy (Lionheart Press, 2016)


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With chronic disease, obesity, fatigue, and high stress becoming all too common, 5 Things You Can Do NOW is the fastest way to gain control of your health. No more excuses. There are many ways to diet and detox, but these five simple changes in how you live will make grueling diets and complicated detox plans unnecessary. In this book, fitness trainer and nutrition expert Lionel Nazario teams up with nurse and spa director Shelly Marshall to present concise information on what you can do to lay the foundation for a long and healthy life—and why you should be doing it. They include tips and resources to get you started right now.


Shelly Marshall, R.N. knew from a young age that her life would revolve around helping people. After graduating from Duke University and turning down a chance at the corporate life, she turned her attention to her greatest passion: skin care. Over ten years of experience as a licensed aesthetician has taught Shelly that complete skin care must involve a commitment to mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle. This understanding spurred her to deepen her medical knowledge by attending and graduating from the New York University Nursing program. She now serves on the front lines of medical institutions and health centers across Manhattan. Perceiving a deep need among patients–and their families–for simple, powerful health information, Shelly now devotes much of her time to educational efforts, like the creation of this book. She presently serves as the spa director at a premier New York wellness center and continues to advance her skills as a healer and as a nurse. Shelly would also have you know that the word spa is derived from the old Latin term sanguinis par aqum, “health through water.”

Lionel R. Nazario is a lifelong student of fitness, philosophy, and martial arts. He served in the U.S. Army before coming to New York, where he established a reputation leading classes at some of Manhattan’s top health clubs. Realizing that exercise alone was only part of the picture, Lionel devoted himself to learning the intricacies of lasting, vibrant health. Having his first book published and graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition enabled him to fuse his skills and passions in the creation of Lionhearted Living, a wellness movement with the aim of helping more people attain their vision of health so they can continue on to personal greatness. Lionel works privately with clients across the nation and collaborates with the best and brightest to produce books that change the way people think.